The aim of the 2018 Edition of “Respiration Day” is to provide the view of where the Respiratory clinicians and researchers community is and where it needs to go

The event, divided into 4 different sessions, firstly focuses on asthma.
The lecturers will deconstruct this disease responsible of considerable global morbidity and health-care costs, into traits that can be measured and, in some cases, modified, i.e. treatable traits. By means of it, they will be able to discuss about the new perspectives in the management of asthma.  

The second session will be devoted to the pharmacologic approach to chronic diseases. The role of inflammation in COPD and of the small airways in asthma, giving special prominence to the outcomes of the ATLANTIS study, as well as the management of the chronic heart failure, will be the main topic of this suggestive session.  

The early afternoon session will allow the attendants to gain an insight into the pathological process leading to chronic diseases, leveraging also on the scientific advance in other Areas, namely oncology.  

The event will conclude with an exciting session, totally dedicated to the latest evidence of the novel treatments for chronic respiratory diseases, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, COPD, and bronchiectasis.

Scientific Referee and coordinator:

Dario Olivieri

MD, Master FCCP Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine University Hospital
"G.Rasori" Building
43100 Parma